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DICA English


Product Name: Digital Currency Assurance
Operator: DICA Pte Ltd
Insurance Company: Underwriting by GT Insurance Co., Ltd.
Category: Token Back
Applicable Age: Above 18 years old
Channel: DICA APP
Product Features: Special consumption assurance, the amount of spending will be fully repaid in 15 years
Target Group: All Consumers
Period: Full consumption amount will be fully repaid in 15 years
Age: Above 18 years old
Rights: Special consumption assurance, the total amount of consumption will be repaid in 15 years, the timetable is as follows:


1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years
Repaid 6.66% 13.32% 19.98% 26.64% 33.3% 39.96% 46.62% 52.28%
9 years 10 years 11 years 12 years 13 years 14 years 15 years
Repaid 59.94% 66.6% 73.26% 79.92% 86.58% 93.24% 100%

1. Read the DICA introduction and T&C: Please read the product introduction and terms applicable to understand the liability and exemption.
2. Cancellation: When you apply for cancellation, you need to contact the company and understand the specific operation.
3. Notification obligation: Please answer honestly to the inquiry made by the company, otherwise the company has the right to cancel the policy.
4. This introduction is for reference only. Please refer to official terms for details of DICA liability and exemption.

Rate of Return:

The return rate of DICA is floating, but at the same time there is a minimum guaranteed interest rate and a historical annualized settlement rate. The minimum guaranteed interest rate is generally 3.5%-4.5%. The portion exceeding the minimum guaranteed interest rate is uncertain, and the actual settlement rate announced by the DICA Club  at the beginning of each month is subject to change.

The policy is worked on a daily return calculation of 0.002% from the principle amount, based on capital negative profit calculation. Eg; Return of $100m will be calcauted based on 0.002% daily.

Earnings time:

The return of DICA is settled at 12:00AM (Singapore time) every day, effective from the day of purchase, the end of the policy for 15 years, finally the Beneficiary will obtain approximately 100% investment return


The daily policy income automatically enters your wallet. When the insurance amount reaches 100 USD, you can convert GTT into cash for consumption, or withdraw to any bank card that supports UnionPay, VISA, MasterCard. in.

Withdrawal conditions:

  1. Consumer products show ” Support DICA”
  2. Account is normal, unrestricted
  3. Consumption return expires
  4. Asset has been determined Cash

Withdrawal process

1. Log in to the DICA App and click “Wallet” tab on the bottom


2.Click “Withdraw” Tap, Enter the amount of GTT to sell withdraw and select the GTT bank card from the list


3.Click “Withdraw”  proceed to the next step (Notice: the withdrawal will charge process fee)


4. Enter the payment password and withdraw


5. Trade Successfully



What is GTT

The GTT is a token introduced by DICA Pte Ltd, It is based on the stable value currency of RMB. 1GTT=1RMB, users can use GTT and RMB for 1:1 conversion at any time. DICA Pte Ltd strictly adheres to the 1:1 reserve guarantee, to endorse by the Asia-Pacific Commercial Bank, which means that for every GTT token issued, its bank account will have RMB$1 guarantee.
Obviously, the biggest feature of GTT is that it is equivalent to the same amount of RMB, 1GTT=1RMB. Make it a good value-preserving token in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

The advantages and effects of GTT

1. The real stable currency, safe investment
The GTT will not have huge fluctuations in the price change, only change with the RMB is exchange rate, and the price is very stable, so its most important significance is stable.
2. Making the price of the currency more intuitive
Because GTT is equivalent to RMB, 1GTT=1RMB. Using GTT can indicate how many yuan you have in real time.
3. It can be used to cash withdraw
Because the purpose of DICA project is to bundle the GTT into the RMB, the GTT can of course be used for RMB withdrawals.


Q1. Consumption is the needed by everyone, the development will stuck without consumption. Consumption is the core the development of society. DICA Pte Ltd has published a new feature called DICA(Digital Currency Assurance) which accelerate the evolution of consumer’s resources. with a long time research, scientists find that the value of consumption can be used to generate fortune to consumers. DICA Pte Ltd want to build universal BlockChain consumption intelligent system through AI, BI(Business Intelligence) and CI (Consumer Intelligence).
Q2. What is DICA?
When you buy products online or offline, DICA policy will be generated automatically which you don’t need to pay anything, each day you will the investment return. the annualized return rate is 3.5%-8%.
Q3. Everyone can join or not ?
Yes, All DICA User can use.
Q4. Which merchant can use in?
Only DICA authorized merchant and members who join DICA club.
Q5. What kind of product DICA support?
For DICA, there is no limitation on type of products.
Q6. How to protect the right of consumers?
DICA use blockchain and Business intelligent to combine and reorganize the scattered resources and reallocate the profit to users.
Q7. Is DICA a insurances or not ?
DICA has reached agreements with GT Insurance Ltd and other insurance companies, if there is any problem about the assurances, the insurance companies will take over it.
Q8. Is DICA kind of cash back?
No, DICA is consumption recycle system.
Q9. What is the difference between DICA and P2P?
DICA is the assurance after consumption, is not a traditional investment.
Q10. What can DICA help the consumers?
DICA will encourage the consumption and recycle it. Consumers can get return through their consumptions.
Q11. What does DICA return to the consumers?
DICA will return the GTT Token to the consumers.
Q12. Can GTT become the cash or trade?
According to different country laws and regulations, GTT can be converted to Cash Balance and withdraw to any visa or unionpay card. GTT can also be converted to legal currency or directly use in the DICA club membership..

Term & Condition

1. DICA is limited to DICA users and its participating merchants.
2. Minimum spending of SGD$50 to active DICA and start earning.
For example Mr. A purchases SGD $10,000 on 12 December 2018 to activate the DICA. On 13th December 2019, the consumer will be reimbursed SGD$660. The daily return of 0.02% is automatically deposited into Mr. A’s account until the end of the repayment of the policy.
3. Based on the actual transaction date.
4. This activity is only applicable to users whose status and repayment history are normal before the date of repayment.
5. Any transaction found to be a false, illegal, abnormal or cancellation/unrecorded shall not participate in this activity, DICA has the right to cancel the repayment within the scope of the terms and conditions.
6. DICA has the right to approve the granting of the applicant and reserves the right to amend the relevant approval terms and conditions.
7. DICA reserves the right of final interpretation for any disputed conduct. Any issues involving damage to the product, quality defects etc., please contact the merchant directly; the goods or services sold by the merchant are not related to DICA.
8 DICA members are not transferable to other people.
a. The policy will be terminated if the consumers not spedning again within 365 days.
b. The policy generated by each DICA member’s purchase and it’s valid for 5,000 days from the date of puechased.
C. Due to accident, accidental death, DICA policy will be invalid(if the member purchases accident insurance at GT Insurance Company the policy will remain in effect).


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