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Universal Life Insurance

Universal insurance is a new type of life insurance product that combines the dual needs of financial management and security. Universal insurance Minimum guaranteed interest rate and historical annualized settlement rate (shown as expected income before March 5, 2018) Rate), the minimum guaranteed interest rate is generally 3.5%-4.5% (specifically based on the product), exceeding the minimum guarantee The portion of the interest rate is uncertain, and the actual settlement rate announced by the insurance company at the beginning of each month is subject to change. in The purchased universal insurance products will be automatically redeemed to the insured balance after expiration.

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Price $188
High profit Historical settlement rate 6%-8%
Guaranteed Insurance company provides minimum guarantee 3.5%-4.5%
Low threshold Purchase from $10,000 full realization

When can I apply for cashing?

After the insurance product hesitates (after your purchase) The day of the morning, the policy begins to take effect, 10 from However, in the future, you can apply for cash.

What is the hesitation period? The hesitation period refers to the 10 natural days after the successful insurance. If you do not agree with the insurance contract, you can apply. Withdrawal of the contract, the insurance company agrees to the applicant’s application for surrender, cancels the contract and refunds the full amount already charged. Premium. According to the relevant regulations of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the insurance company will surrender within the hesitation period, and the insurance company will deduct no more than 10 yuan. In addition to the cost of the work, all premiums paid by the policyholder shall be refunded and no other fees shall be charged. If the insurance is surrendered during the period, the insured can get the full premium. The insured can submit the official website. Apply for surrender during the hesitation period.

Fully realized

After the hesitation period, the estimated value of the expired policy calculated according to the historical annualized settlement rate can be used as the repayment source to apply for realisation. For example, for 365 days a year, you invest $10,000 to hold a one-year historical annualized settlement rate. 6.5% universal insurance products, you apply for cash when you hold 180 days, the interest period for you to realize the loan is 365-180=185 days, assuming you set the real interest rate to 6.0%, the realized cost (platform service fee, insurance service fee) Calculated for 0.2%.

Realizing borrowing

► Hold by platform Assets as Repayment source Personal loan
► Will be generated as one after application Pen "personal loan" loan"
► Other users buy this After borrowing money, Funds should be loaned to change Current applicant
► Applicant receives cash

Product display "realizable" Regular financial management Most products support realizing borrowing. The progress of each product is different. The product information indicates that “variable” is supported. If the product does not display “realizable”, it means that the loan is not variable.
Product not expired All products must be renewed from the remaining period of the maturity date of more than one day (inclusive).
Account is not restricted The account payment function is not restricted. Variable cash amount More than 100 yuan (including) can apply for monetization. The same fund can be fully realized, or it can be partially monetized.
Asset has been determined The assets to be purchased have been confirmed, and the insurance wealth management products need to hesitate

How to apply

How do products apply for monetization?

1. Login to GT Insurance Homepage
Select [Calculate], click [realize] on the right side of the product that supports the monetization loan.
2. Enter the appropriate information:
Enter the realizing interest rate, change the cash amount, Alipay payment password, confirm [agree to agree and realize the agreement]
3. Realizing the loan application successfully, waiting for other investors to purchase
Realizing the loan will charge a certain fee. When you set the amount of cash, the page will prompt the handling fee. Please pay attention. Realizing the loan needs to be opened and bound to the online merchant bank, and the funds will enter your balance after the loan is successfully realized.


What our Clients say?

Life insurance is a contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurer or assurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person.

"Why did we choose GT Insurance ? We feel that choosing an insurance agent is more than just comparing prices. Over 10 years ago we met with GT Insurance to discuss our needs. The personal interaction, attention to detail, and general feeling that GT Insurance cared about our business lead us to choose them as our Agent."

Scott Kremp July 12, 2018

"Why remain? GT Insurance continues to provide great products, pricing and service year after year. Everyone at the company is easily accessible, questions are answered promptly, and they work very hard to settle claims in our favor. In addition, their knowledge of the industry leads to suggested annual policy changes which give us confidence that our business is properly covered."

Micheal Walk Feb 25, 2018

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